What would you do?

what would you do?
Credit: TeePublic

The Federal Ministry of Information and Culture published an article about climate change, and one of the main cause of this menace is deforestation which is the cutting down of trees by people to provide energy or other wood products.

In your city, you watched as people use firewood and coal pot to cook when they can use kerosene stove or gas cooker.

As an entrepreneur, you realized you can work with your friends who are engineers and create a low energy and cost effective stove that will solve the problem of deforestation and all the diseases that comes with the use of coal and firewood.

You prototype the your new cooking stove and test it with some users in your community. After few months of monitoring the usage of the pot, you realized that people like it and you were motivated to do more.

You build more team, started a company and your company, Acme Incorp is a leader in this space of alternative energy.

One day, the government announced that they are looking at making policy change that forbids people from cutting down trees, you are excited that this will mean more market for you, but the problem is; you don’t know anyone in government.

What would you do?

  1. Talk to your friend, Dotun who works for an environment NGO in Abuja and advocate that the government should consider indigenous technology like yours or
  2. Lobby through your friend Ngozi who works in the ministry of Environment?

Here is the catch, both Dotun and Ngozi needs a strategy from you, and also need to know more about your project so they can help you to either lobby or advocate.